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20223 - 2024

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Papa Melia/Beginner Women

This is an introductory class for those who have little or no hula experience. This class teaches basic knowledge of hula, such as steps, hand motions, and chanting. Age 10+ years 

Papa Mokihana/Intermediate Women

This class is for women with some hula experience. Dancers are expected to know the basic steps and knowledge of hula. Age 18+ years 

Papa Lehua/Advanced Women

Dancers in this class are required to have higher hula skills. Dancers are expected to be able to learn at a fast pace and dance in unison. Kumu's recommendation is required to register for this class. Ages 18+ years

Papa Pikake/Gracious Ladies

This class is for women with some hula experience. The dancers are expected to know the basic steps and knowledge. Those who are age 50+ years and up have opportunities to dance in hula competitions in both the US Mainland and Hawaii.

Papa Kukui/Men

This class is open for all men ages 13+ years regardless of prior hula experience. 

Papa Laua'e/Intermediate - Advanced Girls

This class is for girls ages 11 to 18 who know basic hula steps and motions. Advanced dancers occasionally perform locally and have the opportunity to compete in hula competitions.

Papa Naupaka/Beginning Girls & Boys

This class is for beginner girls & boys ages 5 - 10. The kids learn the basic steps and hand motions of hula through Hawaiian chants and songs. 

Fall 2023 Classes

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